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Family Law

CLSACC handles cases for victims of domestic violence and abuse in the following areas:

These legal services are free and are available to people who live in Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Chelsea, Everett, Medford, Somerville and Watertown.

CLSACC also handles cases for custodial parents in Cambridge who need help with child support orders, and/or with custody where there has been child abuse and neglect.

CLSACC also provides affordable psychological counseling to help you deal with abuse or the stress of family break-up.

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Know Your Rights

CLSACC provides a range of services to clients whose cases are not accepted for full representation. These services range from telephone advice, written materials, and referrals to other agencies. CLSACC also provides community legal education for community groups and organizations.

See our booklets, A Guide to How Probate and Family Courts Handle Cases Involving Domestic Violence and A Guide to Child Support and How Probate and Family Courts Handle Cases Involving Child Support

  • What probate courts can do about domestic violence
  • Your rights when your case is handled by the probate court's Family Service Office
  • What a restraining order can do and how to have a restraining order designed to fit your particular safety needs
  • How the law defines "abuse"
  • Whom you can get a restraining order against
  • What you can do if a restraining order is violated
  • How probate courts can give special consideration for domestic violence in custody and visitation cases
  • About your right to financial support for your children (child support) and how the probate court makes child support orders
  • How the probate court can make a child support order even if the other parent claims not to be working or have any money
  • Your right to keep your address secret in probate court cases when there is domestic violence and how you can receive child support when you are in a shelter or secret place because of domestic violence

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